Prima Klima Lucilu Small – heijastin

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Small is a reflector in anodized aluminum produced in Europe by Prima Klima with perfect quality of reflection. Always with a central ”V” and the wings curves to optimize the distribution of light in the culture area. It provides greater reflectivity of the orange and red zones for photosynthesis keeping the blue areas. This reflector allows light to create ideal conditions in all of the plant development stages, increasing the vitality, the health, the collection and the power of the lamp. You can adjust the opening of the wings to increase the surface area of ??the light and place the lamp closer to the plants, improving performance.

  • Increases the area cultivation with 75%
  • Increase the efficiency of 50%
  • Reduces the heat and saves energy
  • adjustable height
  • Anchors curves to hang the reflector.

technical information:

  • total reflection 95%
  • E40
  • Resistant to temperatre above 800 C
  • resistant corosione
  • Compatible with spreader
  • Size: 50.5×50 cm
  • Weight: 1.63 Kg.