Spudnik heijastin 127mm – Primaklima L1400/125



Length: 445mm with flange
Width: 461mm
Height: 183mm
Max, Power: 600W
Weight: 3,66 kg (4,64 kg with box)
Flange: 125mm
Recommended Retail Price: 124,36€



The Spudnik is air-cooled reflector with optimised design of inner reflectors to increase the PAR to highest levels. The PVD-coated aluminium ensures up to 95% reflection after patterning process. The double walled housing with tunnel cooling effect guarantees optimum cooling. The safety glass with polished edges and 93% transmission reduces losses through the glass. White side panels, made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant, glass-reinforced nylon with connecting flange and pre-wired junction box, make the Spudnik unique in the world and set a new standard. The quality E40 ceramic lampholder Made in Italy holds a valid CE certificate.

(Tuotekuva on kyseisestä Spudnikista)